Sales by learning from the customers and experience

Real-time monitoring
In Standard Books&ERP software, all sales operations are described by stages and displayed in real time. Thus, it is always possible to see the newest status of the current transactions.

Reports give a clear insight of the previous operations and the influence of those. This facilitates better informed planning of new sales operations and more precise prediction of the results.

Price lists
In Standard Books&ERP äritarkvaras software, it is possible to create price lists with special prices and associate those with the right customers. The price lists created automatically calculate discount e.g. from the quantity sold.

Grouping of customers
It is possible to group customers according to the chosen criteria and view reports based on those. One can find out quickly, for example, how many customers were added during the last campaign.

Communication with customers
It is possible to send price offers from HansaWorld software. It is also possible to communicate with customers by Skype, IP phone or SMS.

Well-kept customer relations.

Communication log
Standard Books&ERP saves all the communication of a company with customers: e-mails, phone conversations, newsletters, price offers. Thus the number of “lost orders” and human factor can be reduced.

Support at the moment of communication
Standard Books&ERP supports the persons communicating with customers at the moment of communication: when a call is accepted, it is possible to view the history of the customer, preferences and possible topics for discussion.

Universal access
It is possible to access customer communication information by various regular and smart devices; it is possible to share the information of customer contacts with all of the company.

Analysis and guided activities
It is possible to group the information of the customer database, analyse the characteristics and possible behaviour patterns in order to plan new and better guided activities.

Organised goods

Real-time warehouse stock
Standard Books&ERP software provides real-time status of the warehouse stock, cost accounting and the value of the goods sold. The warehouse stock is displayed by groups of goods, sales prices, warehouses (if there are several warehouses), etc.

Inventory is simplified by a special inventory page; it is possible to enter all the goods or the status of the last inventory. It is also possible to automatically write off items.

Management of several warehouses
It is possible to manage several warehouses with HansaWorld software. Classifiers help to find the necessary item also from several warehouses.

Maintenance service
The maintenance service tool significantly helps companies specializing in maintenance and service. Here it is possible to monitor the products that are being repaired, as well as work orders; associate work operations and spare parts with a particular order and issue an invoice based on the costs.

Cloud service, e-shop & smart devices

Secured information
With the cloud service the information of a company is securely protected. Every night, a backup copy is made of the data, the information is encrypted and strangers have no access to that. The server is under cyber protection, thus there is also no problem about viruses and junk mail.

Service instead of things
By using cloud services, no expensive IT equipment and software with costly maintenance is required. Also the need for an IT specialist is reduced.

Automatic updates
The software is constantly under development and is automatically updated.

By selecting the necessary information from the database, it can be displayed directly in the e-shop of the company. Also subsequent changes must be made only in one place – the database.

Access by smart devices
Employees can access the necessary information also by their Android and Apple smart devices.

Simplified accounting

Integrated system
In the integrated accounting system, information automatically moves between the different parts of the programme and is immediately visible to all users. Thus, 80% of the financial entries are made without effort, saving vast amounts of time and trouble.

Internet services
Internet services like e-invoices and automatic updating of currency exchange rates increase the efficiency of the work of accountants.

Connected reports
The financial results of all the companies of the group can be monitored in one system and in real time.

Automatic entries
When an invoice is approved, automatic entries are created into the correct debit and credit accounts, and a VAT entry is created.

Budgets can be created for different companies or accounts and for certain periods. An annual budget is sufficient, and Standard Books&ERP divides it automatically between months. When correcting budgets are created, the original budgets are preserved.

Analytical accounts
Analytical accounts make it possible to monitor expenses e.g. for particular entities or employees, without actually creating the relevant accounts. This saves a large amount of efforts.

Database of several years
Entries, invoices and other documents from different years are maintained in the same database. The final account balances automatically become the initial account balances of the new year when the year changes. This significantly reduces the number of year-end operations.

Precision in calculation of the salary and holidays

Information in one place
Personal information, documents and salary information of the employees are all in one place – always up-to-date, quickly retrievable and securely kept.

As needed
Salary can be calculated on a monthly basis, by hour or piece of work. Holidays – whether related to studies or becoming a parent – are already embedded here, as well as taxes related to various amounts.

Calculations of salary, additional fees and deductions are made by the system; also the payment of illness compensation by the company is automated.

Information necessary for analyses and predictions is always available here. Here it is possible to get a quick picture of salary expenses by regions or units. Here it is also possible to see how many outstanding holidays one or other employee still has.

Connected with the general finances
All the expense figures related to employees go directly to the general HansaWorld financial reporting. Easy to handle. In Standard Books&ERP, information is reasonably articulated, it is easy to add and change information

Projects managed up to details

Measurement of the contribution of employees
In the project management tool it is possible to associate an employee with particular projects and evaluate the contribution of the employee based on the activities completed and the work hours.

Resource planning
All the means necessary for a project are described in one place, thus it is easy to manage and follow the use of those. It is also possible to associate information related to e.g. car trips with a project.

Before approval of a project it is possible to make changes that are immediately reflected in the accounting system. After a project is approved, an invoice is generated automatically. It may be drafted based on the budget, actual expenses or an agreement.

Confidence in making management decisions

The sales figures and other information of the company are presented as comprehensive graphs, key indicators and trends. Information can be viewed by incomes, expenses and quantities and within time frames. It is possible to send quick queries from the system regarding the information of interest; overviews that are often necessary can be saved and made immediately accessible.


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