Eesti Liinirongid AS

Anne Raidalu
Financial manager of Elron

Eesti Liinirongid AS operating under the trade mark Elron is a public transportation company belonging to the state organising the train traffic in Estonia. In 2013, over 2 million trips were made by the trains of Elron. About 300 people work in the company.

11 people use HansaWorld software in their daily work. Extensive tailored solutions have been created for the company for maintenance service and financial budgets. In planning of work, the company uses also the calendar and work task system of HansaWorld.

What was the main reason for starting to use HansaWorld for management of the company’s financial information and why are you still using it?

The reason why we have been using the software until today is largely related to Excellent with whom the service has greatly improved and become more convenient. About five years ago we seriously considered giving it up, and the main reason was poor customer service. Then things started to improve, and now I cannot imagine taking things elsewhere..

How complicated was the extension of the programme as the operations of the company grew?

For us, expansion has meant a significant increase in the volume of our services and the number of employees – about twice. New employees have learnt to use the programme quickly and everything else around it has moved smoothly. Even recently, when we ordered a small addition, we got everything organised very simply and quickly – most of the things were taken care of over the phone, once someone came over to adjust something and it was done.

Would you recommend HansaWorld software to other companies? Why?

It is nice and easy to do business with Excellent, this is already one reason to recommend. Also for HansaWorld. All we use is good and convenient. Finally, I am probably using only a fraction of the programme compared to the total capabilities.

What do you appreciate most in Excellent as a partner?

They are always available and respond quickly. If they do not know the solution right away, they check and get back soon. The questions do not end up “in a black hole” and there is no unnecessary waiting. We have really had pleasant experience with them.

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