Excellent Business Solutions Eesti AS is the oldest certified HansaWorld partner and sole representative in Estonia.

More than 20,000 Estonian companies have trusted an important share of their daily activities to Excellent Business Solutions Eesti AS who takes care of smooth accounting, salary calculation, logistics, customer management, business analysis and sales for companies. Excellent is the business management software provider with the largest number of users in Estonia and has operated here since 2002.

HansaWorld is one of the most widespread business management software programmes in the world used by small and medium-sized companies in over 110 countries. The software was developed in Sweden and is constantly under development. It has been awarded several innovation and IT awards all over the world. Excellent is the sole representative of HansaWorld business management software in Estonia.

In addition to long-term experience in Estonia, the experience of Excellent also includes projects elsewhere in the world, for instance in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, the Republic of South Africa, Indonesia and Australia.

The team, the number of clients and the income of Excellent has considerably increased in the recent years. Today, the company employs over 30 specialists, a half of those have joined the company within the past eighteen months. Also the number of clients has jumped up significantly, increasing by half during the past two years.